Ukrainian Clinics Use Stem Cells for Patient Treatment

Stem cells – a panacea for all ills or a medical Pandora’s box?

Ukrainian scientists have proof that it is indeed a panacea, whereas their Israeli colleagues insist it is a Pandora’s box for your health.

Cord blood stem cells are stored at cryobanks at the temperature of -196 degrees, and at a temperature like this, they can be preserved for a practically infinite time.

Stem cells can be extracted from a person’s fatty tissue. It is still unknown how exactly they act, but the cells literally “patch up” the body.

The treatment used to be considered experimental up until now. But finally, the government officials have been convinced by the results. The Ministry of Health has given a consent to surgeries with stem cells for treating pancreatonecrosis, limb ischemia and burns. Although, this applies to a limited number of patients.

The Ukrainian doctors’ courage surprised their Israeli colleagues. In their country, only mice can be officially injected with stem cells.

The Ministry of Health makes no secret of the fact that those are going to be paid surgeries.

It is not yet clear how much a surgery would cost. Yet there is a common agreement among our scientists that the procedure is safe. These stem cells do not transform into tumors – this fact has been proven.

The criteria for selecting patients are also unclear at the moment. Yet the scientists are certain that the future is with the “smart” cells. They assure us that even AIDS will soon be treated with the cells. Looks like quite a few Ukrainians have already started believing in this.