Body cleansing program




They say that we are what we eat. With this thought in mind, the cooks of our complex cook only the best, most delicious, fresh and healthy meals for our guests. We provide our patients with the dietary menu that promotes recuperation and cleansing of the body. Anyway, our guests always have an opportunity to treat themselves to something delicious and extraordinary, because there are a few top-notch restaurants and bars in the territory of our complex. Each of them will welcome guests and provide them with a diverse menu full of high-quality and tasty meals.

The harmony of taste and care is a key principle of our cuisine.

Here you will have a chance to taste the unforgettable dishes of Zakarpatye cuisine, which have absorbed all the best from the traditions of the neighboring countries. That is why Zakarpatye cuisine is famous for its fabulous taste and is in high demand worldwide!

There is a cozy and elegant restaurant SOLVA in the main building, with a capacity of 120 seats. Following our principle of an individual approach to every guest and respect for their tastes, our staff are willing to offer you the most convenient nutrition system designed especially for you! To improve your health, we have developed a special dietary menu.

Within our center, there is a restaurant KOLYBA, that is happy to invite you to appreciate the taste of the true culinary masterpieces from Zakarpatye. The restaurant is built in traditional Hutsul style with an offbeat design. Our chef takes pride in dishes cooked on a grill installed inside, on vatra (as people from Zakarpatye call an open fireplace), which is traditional for this place. Many of our guests enjoy watching their meals being cooked!

In addition, right in the territory of the hotel, you can spend your time pleasantly at the Lobby-bar, snuggling in the soft couches in the hall, where you can be served round the clock. Here the atmosphere of relaxation reigns at all times, accompanied by the laidback music.

You can relax at the Lounge bar, which is located on the fifth floor of the main building, where you can immerse in the homelike atmosphere while listening to the light lounge music. Even the most demanding guests will be pleasantly surprised with an excellent choice of drinks!