Cellular rejuvenation



Today’s world of medicine is aimed at the anti-aging therapy, which will not only produce an external local effect, but will also restore all organs and systems, improve physical and emotional stamina, and enhance the quality of life.

We all have an innate ability to regenerate organs and tissues; it is an ability of stem cells, to be precise. As we get older, the number of stem cells decreases: an embryo has one stem cell per 10 thousand, meanwhile, a 60-year-old human has one stem cell per 5-8 million. This explains aging and fading. It takes place because tissues cannot regenerate as intensively as they used to. It is obvious that it makes sense to bring “new blood” to our bodies by infusing cell suspension cultures. Stem cells play a unique role in patients’ treatment and health improvement. After getting into the human body, stem cells are able to restore and produce other cells. In other words, the primary role of stem cells is to replace sick or old cells with new ones. This is why they can be used to treat patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. The regeneration and rehabilitation processes of a living organism begin right after the infusion of stem cells into the patient’s body.

However, it is also obvious that a decrease in the number of stem cells is not the only reason why the organism ages. There are many additional causes: ecology, diet, standard and way of living, stress, etc. All of these factors, to a greater or lesser extent, influence each of us and make an impact upon our health, general state and appearance.

Taking into consideration all of the above, the specialists of our clinic grasp all the importance and the need for an individual approach to every patient, since every patient has their own life history and medical records. According to the medical indications and taking into account the patient’s preferences, treatment and care are individually developed for every patient, which includes not only fluids rich in stem cells, but also other rejuvenation and restoration procedures.

Our modern and comfortable clinic is operating as a part of the therapeutic recreation hotel complex “Solva Resort & SPA”, which is located in a picturesque nook of the Carpathian Mountains. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the mountain peaks and amazing Carpathian nature. The fresh air helps to recover, as well as inspires heroic deeds. To make you feel and enjoy the real value of things at the hotel, we have created a unique interior, where you can find refined elegance and luxury in every detail. This is a brand-new and unique hotel complex in Ukraine. It has a beautiful territory of 10 hectares as well as comfortable rooms. Everything here is filled with respect for your coziness, comfort and well-being.

The complex is situated in a location with unique climatic and geological conditions. The healing springs of world-renowned mineral water spurt from the depths of the Earth right in the territory of the complex. By its curative properties, “Polyana Kvasova” has no parallel in the world. It is widely used to treat diseases, such as hepatobiliary disorders (hepatitis, cholecystitis, etc.), diseases of the pancreas (pancreatitis), diseases of the urinary system, metabolic diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, gout); it helps remove gallstones in the gallbladder.

It should be emphasized that, among other issues, the uniqueness of “the elixir of life” also involves its anti-relapse effect. In other words, you will keep feeling its influence even after you have left the complex or stopped drinking the water. Although you get back to your daily routine, it keeps protecting you against diseases! Our highly qualified medical staff will help our guests to determine the way of drinking the mineral water; they will let you know the best time of day and dosage for drinking in order to reach the maximal therapeutic effect. Let us also outline that for your convenience, the pump room with mineral water, is located right in the hall of the main building of the complex.

Stem cells are certainly the primary and most powerful component of the offered set of procedures. The treatment course takes place under the ongoing supervision of the experienced specialists. Based on the patient’s life history and medical records, as well as test results, our doctor will select a suspension with cells of the appropriate phenotype. At the same time, the actual infusion of the stem cells is made at the end of the course of treatment and rehabilitation, when the human organism is ready, being revitalized and cleansed. The recommended duration of rehabilitation in our complex is between 14 and 21 days, since this exact period makes it possible to get your body ready to the infusion of stem cells in the most efficient way. However, given the current conditions, not many people can dedicate this much time to rest and rehabilitation. This is why the specialists offer an intensive, express rehabilitation program, which lasts 7-10 days, in order to achieve the maximal effect for the patient in a partial load mode.

The experts at our therapeutic recreation complex are eager to offer our guests several options of treatment and rejuvenation at the same time, with the following kinds of stem cells: