Tours, outdoor activities


We are convinced that positive impressions and emotions make an integral part of rehabilitation and relaxation. However, everyone has individual preferences and tastes.. Some need to get enough sleep, relax and read a book to clear their heads and sort their ideas, some just need to get some new information and impressions, change scenery and get away from it all, while others long for strolling and fishing, or want to enjoy riding a bike or quadricycle in the flat land or highlands, going white-water rafting in summer or skiing in winter etc.

Western Ukraine is the landmark of Ukrainian history and culture. Lvov is a legendary historical city, basking in the smell of coffee and chocolate. Uzhgorod is a city with unique architecture and blooming sakura. Mukachevo is a multinational and mysterious city with its exact birth date still obscure…

Our unique location will make it possible for most demanding clients to spend the free time they have outside the treatment in the way they really want to.