Treatment by mineral water


The treatment and health recovery with mineral water are considered restorative practices. This therapy is among the most commonly prescribed ones at health care centers all over the world. Both doctors and patients are glad to use these procedures. It should be outlined that they are particularly mild, while being quite efficient.

It can be attributed to the fact that highly mineralized water contains a great number of valuable mineral compounds and microelements, which are of great importance for the normal functioning of human body. Apart from these aspects, it has also been proved that the molecular structure of water has its “memory”. Mineral water, which possesses a “healthy” and natural structure, is identical to a liquid contained by healthy human cells. Certainly, under the present-day conditions and because of constant stresses and the influence of many external factors, this balance gets broken, and so our body needs extra energy and “purification”.

Mineral and artificial baths.

This highly effective and incredibly delightful procedure is indicated for the treatment of nervous disorders, such as asthenic syndrome, neurasthenia and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

The baths we offer will help to balance different parts of the central and vegetative nervous systems. They have a super soothing and relaxing effect. They are greatly preferred by the patients all over the world, regardless of their age and social status.

Besides this, mineral baths are indicated for cardiovascular diseases. They provide a distinct thrombolytic action, normalize arterial blood pressure, and decrease heart rate.

To boost the efficiency, various supplements are used in this procedure: pine needles, sea salt, bischofite, etc.

The following types of baths are at your service:

● mineral bath;
● whirlpool bath + Jacuzzi;
● hydrogen sulfide bath.

Therapeutic showers.

While taking a shower therapy, your body is affected by the thermal and mechanical action of the flush at predetermined temperature and pressure. The following procedures qualify as therapeutic showers:
● Charcot’s douche;
● circular douche ;
● rising douche;
● underwater douche massage.
Not only do they irritate epidermis mechanically, but also stimulate deeper tissues: subcutaneous fat, muscles, vessels and internal organs.

Specialists found proof that therapeutic showers tone up both the skin and the entire body, actively affect vascular tone and vessel lumen diameter, improve the cell’s capability to accept nutrients, stimulate immune system, soothe and cause a spasmolytic action. This is why they are highly recommended to patients.