Cell Rejuvenation Clinic raised strong interest among foreign medical enterprises

CRC presented its Personal Rejuvenation Program at IMTEC, Oman 2016. Representatives of our clinic astonished sponsors, speakers and visitors by presentation of individual, detailed and thorough approach to stem cells treatment.>>

A research assistant works under a chemical hood preparing stem cell cultures in a Stem Cell Research Program lab at the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Photo by: Jeff Miller
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Ukrainian Clinics Use Stem Cells for Patient Treatment

Stem cells – a panacea for all ills or a medical Pandora’s box?>>


Stem Cells in Action: Diabetes Treated in Kiev

Not only does Ukraine use stem cells for legally approved treatment, but it is also a leading technology developer in this field.>>


Biologists Discovered New Type of Stem-Like Cells That Help Regenerating Limbs

American biologists have discovered a new type of stem-like cells>>


Stem Cells Can Help People Recover After a Stroke

Scientists from the Glasgow University in Scotland started experiments with implanting stem cells into the brains of stroke victims.>>


Belgium: Scientists Discovered New Way of Repairing Bone Tissue Using Fatty Tissue Stem Cells

Center of Tissue and Cellular Therapy of the Saint Luc University clinic hospital in Brussels announced>>


3D Organ Printers – a Revolution in Medicine

Doctors are ready to use 3D printers not just for printing veins and nerves>>


Ukraine First in CIS to Obtain State Authorization for Stem Cell Treatment

The authorization has been obtained for treating three types of diseases>>